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    Custom development & Maintenance

    Our Application Development services help you meet the strategic objectives of IT systems within the context of your business goals and strategies. We understand your key imperatives of securing customer commitment with your services, maintaining and continuously improving service quality and reducing operational expenditure.

    Proviyon can help you meet these objectives with our commitment to support you, by nurturing a flexible and long-term relationship through our value propositions. Our Application Development services help your business see your strategies through to the end from conception to deployment of IT systems.

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  • Mobile development

    In this era of smartphones, with mobile technology becoming the center of attention and the world turning wireless, Mobile Application Development is on the rise. One of the key challenges of mobile application development is that a large number of platforms and devices are being introduced constantly. In today’s fast paced society, almost all individuals are struggling with doing multiple activities on the go. And with the help of smart devices and mobile applications, accomplishing these diverse tasks—shopping, learning, designing, recreational activities etc.—can now be done easily, regardless of an individual’s location. The advent of mobile apps development has succeeded in bridging the gap between customers and service providers, and a business without a strong mobile presence will surely be left behind.

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    In an effort to reduce costs and focus on core business objectives today’s businesses are rightsizing. Many companies today are outsourcing software development and maintenance. Proviyon can help your company leverage the outsourcing advantage further by moving a portion (or all) of the software development offshore.

    However, to many companies offsourcing seems like a momentous risk. Actually, when the right team is on the job, the benefits highly outweigh the drawbacks. Offsourcing provides the flexibility to maintain existing legacy systems while implementing new applications for new environments. In addition, offsourcing gives the customer access to a number of highly qualified IT specialists for client/server applications and eCommerce solutions, as well as lowering costs by operating with a country such as India. By offsourcing to India.

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  • Training

    Learning like innovation is a free flowing never ending process. Learning should complement innovation. To broaden the focus of the professionals there is need for proper training to enable them cope with the ever changing environment. Diversification and Vertical Integration (both forward and backward) is a must do for any professional who wants to go places and not be stagnant.

    Every organization aspires to offer training programs, which meet the industry standards and bring out the best in their employees. For a company, every employee is a potential leader in his / her own domain. Well-trained and groomed employees are the mantra to the success of any organization.

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